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Our Graphic Design team have a lot of experience planning, managing and executing design projects of all kinds. Our graphics department have professionally undergone projects such as: creating covers, posters, background images, banners, image & photo edits, logos, YouTube designs and more. Our service normally charge between £5 - £350 depending on the project type. Get in touch with us for a quote.
We have skilfully produced various types of websites such as: eCommerce, Blogs, Charities, Corporate, Community, Mobile Device and Personal. Our uniquely designed websites are guaranteed to suit your needs as we're 100% flexible when it comes to implementing your ideas and vision to the site design. Our service normally charge between £50 - £4,000 depending on the type of website and complexity. For a list of projects we've created, get in touch with us and we'll be with you shortly. If you would like a site design, place an order.
[UK]: Need a professional video or photography service? Perhaps a movie, documentary, event, wedding, party, promotional video, reel, birthday, gathering or anything else, we're more than happy to help. Our dedicated film and photography crew will be at your command to help execute your project elegantly, easily and efficiently. Our service normally charge between £40 - £2,500 depending on the project type. Request a quote.
[International]: Are you not in United Kingdom? That's fine, we can still deliver some of the same awesome services. Simply get in touch for more information.

It is guaranteed that our friendly in-house support team will be delighted to help you with a request or question about our services. If you're unsure about anything or would like to see a bigger portfolio (rather than the section above), please visit our portfolio section. If you're satisfied, proceed to our booking page.

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What is Vibe Enterprise?

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Vibe Enterprise, previously known as Stayfix Corporation (or stayfixdesigns), is a young emerging media and design organization in favour of providing outstanding state-of-the-art services with strong intentions of making sure that every viewer and client get the best service possible. Situated in the United Kingdom, we've constructed a long term commitment to let innovation drive our business. We have achieved our goal of immensely specialising in Graphic & Website Design, Photography and Video Production. We are privately owned, carry no debt and our management team have worked for many years within the internet.

Meet the Team

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Anton C. Lewis

Anton C. Lewis (ExpressTomorrow)

Anton is the creator of Vibe Enterprise. Anton started the company in mid 2009 as a small YouTube Design agency, which ultimately turned into a Film & Design Company. Passionate for filmmaking, Anton continues to pursue his dream of becoming a well-known British Filmmaker in the United Kingdom.

Mustafa Assadi

Mustafa Assadi

Mustafa brings the Vibe to the Enterprise. Mustafa is the co-founder of Vibe Enterprise and had ingeniously brought excitement and fulfilment to the company. Vibe wouldn't be succeeding with the accounted photography service if it wasn't for Mustafa. His vision is to capture the best of the scenario.

Senior Executive
Amelia Robinson

Amelia Robinson

Amelia is an outstanding Vibe star. Without Amelia, Vibe would be a pile of old newspapers with no rich content. Thanks to her sincere compassion and enjoyment, she ensures each client is absolutely happy. Amelia overseas customer relations and examines business inquiries and opportunities.

Vibe Enterprise is built on a small team of around 20 staff members who are drop-dead passionate about jumping on the most competitive wave in the media & design industry. We aim to provide clients with excellent support and rich visual content.


"Vibe's work impressed me on multiple levels. They produced a stunning photo edit and when feedback was needed, new versions of the edit for my project were made very quickly. It's great to work with an open-minded company. Thank you!"

Maria Rehman, Fashion Designer.

"We hired VibeHQ for photography purposes because we have seen their previous work. With the outcome I received I have to say it is very beautiful and professional. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results."

Shop Owner, Golden Empire.

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