Business Dilemma?
We understand

So you have a promising business, but it isn't moving the way you want it to. You're stuck and modern day mentors are far too expensive for you to consider. Ah, the agony! Well, the good news... you can stop worrying—we understand.
Trust us, your business isn't the only one that goes through this beginning phase.
That's why we cleverly built the Empower Program.

What is the Empower Program?

Put simply, an effective solution that gives small businesses that extra push. Take it from us—transformed from a graphic design agency, web development company and consultancy firm. That's just one reason why our clients have capitalised on business, tenfold. We're not your average consultancy. Who are we?

Idea Expansion

Discovering the bigger picture so our partners and clients can make the right decisions towards improving and launching their ideas.

All-inclusive Packages

We've custom-built three buttery smooth consultancy packages that allows our clients to launch their online business with all the tools they require.

Comprehensive Support

We have a handful of dedicated support representatives ready to enthuse our client's missions making sure things get done more efficiently and effectively.

Empower gives you the flexibility to grow your business by using our consultancy packages designed to take you further.

dedicated consultants

Your business is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd
and our team are here to ensure your company moves
in the direction you want it to go.


We guide you to start things you thought were impossible.
Our talented team of designers, developers and consultants
are able to guide you on your new adventure.

developing Vibrant
businesses every year

We are proud to be an enterprise dedicated to small businesses, freelancers and startups looking to indulge into today's growing world. We believe our all-in-one consultancy solutions can be an asset to any online startup.


support staff & consultants
plus umbrella subsidiaries


years in motion
providing since 2009
Screenshot of The Hub

Use our online project management dashboard to engage, inspect and oversee your progress with us.

The Hub is a simple and convenient web-based project management and time tracking tool for managing and monitoring your Empower process.

"An amazing app that is constantly keeping me in the know, easy to use and best of all... always at my grips. The support team is very friendly and comforting and I cannot thank Vibe Enterprise enough! World Class!"

Anne Bracken
Ben Dobson


Freelance Wedding Photographer

“Empower showed me the route to maintaining,
marketing and delivering a better business and I
cannot thank them enough.”

- Ben Dobson

People     Empower

  • I haven't found a single company like this out there that do so much for their customers. In all honesty, having that ability to have literally complete access to what I've paid money for is honestly a lot more than words!

    Farrel Halshauser
    Farrel Halshauser
    Graphic Designer
  • This is one of those businesses that every startup needs. I particularly love The Hub — easy to use, keeps me updated, informed, and can practically track everything easily. No need to call, it's just online when I need it.

    Jimmy Walmer
    Jimmy K. Walmer
    Stealth Precision
  • I searched all over and looked at many different company websites to decide which one to use and yours was by far the best. Empower has given me the chance to set up my clothing line business with minimal cost alongside their expertise.

    Susanna Row
    Susanna Row

Building Better Businesses

Empower maintains a portfolio spanning multiple sectors. Disruptive technology is our unifying theme whilst we liaise with our
customers to improve their business.