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We have designed impeccable business packages that enable our clients to launch their idea with the essentials they need without having to go through multiple suppliers. We're known for our top-level support and our insight professionals that guide you every step of the way until you start walking by yourself. Empower can help to ensure that the customers who find your website are exactly the kind of customers your business needs.

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1. Submit Assessment

Before we conduct business, we'd like to understand your business before we can advance.

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Our dedicated business analysts will review your business and assign you to the most suitable account manager.

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Your initial meeting will take place to speak with your account manager and arrange your free business consultation.

4. Choose Package

Once satisfied with your meeting, you will have the opportunity to select your business package.

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Why not schedule a meeting or a phone call with our dedicated business consultants and we will assess your business idea and recommend you the right route, package and advice.

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Common questions about Empower

For all those little queries in mind.

  • What is the Empower Program?

    Put simply, an effective solution that gives small businesses that extra push without you having to pay premium prices. As an added bonus, our friendly and dedicated support team will guide you across your start and receiving all the necessary business essentials you need in one neat package.

  • How do I become part of the Empower Network?

    Once you have completed our easy 4-step process, you will have successfully joined the Empower Network. The Network is an awe-inspiring group of entrepreneurs and businesses, just like yours, who have taken that small step to launch their business using Empower Program.

  • What's in it for my business?

    At the end of the day, we're providing you with a unique package which saves you the time and hassle of finding different supplies — which can be painstaking! We let you focus on your business whilst we make your online presence look beautiful. Vibe Enterprise hosts a variety of different business solutions ranging from business telephone numbers, CRM, project management & invoicing platform and our very own digital design agency. We are proud to be affiliated with key partners to deliver competitive business solutions with the added bonus of having our specialised team do work for your business.

  • Do you take equity in my business?

    Nonsense! At no point would we, nor our consultants, team or partners, take ownership, joint-venture, equity, management of the company or any percentage share of the company. We are a firm with good values and a mission to provide SMEs business solutions that won't rip your pockets. We're only here to guide you to launching your new business, not to co-run it with you. After all, it is your business.

  • My business is not in the UK, can I still Empower?

    We are able to assist with your business to a certain extent. We will not be able to assist you tax laws or business registration if you're not within the United Kingdom. However, you may still receive our added benefits, packages and advice in order to help launch your business wherever you are. We condone comprehensive support staff in 6 different cities: London, New York, Ontario, Plymouth, Newcastle and Devon to help better reach our international customers.

Added Benefits

Network Security

We work to ensure your website's security is at it's highest. We perform diagnosis of potential threats to ongoing website that we host.

Built For Performance

We know the importance of keeping you connected which is why we host dedicated servers to provide you the best connectivity.

Timely Updates

Our technical department are dedicated to providing quick & timely updates to ensure our customers a smooth turnaround.

Why become empowered?

  • business guidance

    Running a new business isn't easy, especially if you don't have much business experience. However, if we were to tell you that a team of experienced market individuals were to assist you in running a successful business as well as providing the necessary solutions needed for a smooth start, would you consider them? Welcome to Empower..

  • flexible billing

    Depending on the type of business, the maintenance of a business can be pretty costly. We understand that which is why we have designed our business packages to suit all types of entrepreneurs, companies and individuals looking to get a foot (or another) into the market. Easy payments with low-interest fees. We've made it comfortable.

  • hub integrated

    Use our unique project management dashboard feature to keep updated in regards to your projects. No need to call up or send a countless amount of emails, The Hub gives you complete access alongside hourly updates with the latest information, content and additional features you may find useful. It's how we keep our customers happy.

  • online support

    Every business package comes with it's very own dedicated account manager for your project endeavours. Not only that but our team of professionals across the world provide quick and reliable customer support, meaning we're able to get back to you in less than 6 hours (and even quicker)! No need to wait days for a response. We're keeping it quick.


Empower provided us the tools, resources and expertise we needed to launch Shia Rings to reach a global audience.

Shia Ring's provides state-of-the-art bespoke rings that are custom-made per order. Made out of the finest silver and gold to ensure a smooth, clean finish, it uses original stones of all kinds for that added touch of perfection. With the help of Empower, Shia Rings has now branched out reaching thousands of customers worldwide with the help with our support, tools and resources.

Mohamed Assadi
Managing Director at Shia Rings
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