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Claim a business number in just a few hours after activation. Keep your landline free for personal use and redirect all your customers to your business line connected to you, wherever you go.

Vertel Phone
Distinguish the difference between Business & Personal with
Dedicated Vertel Business Number
Bring Your Business With You™
Turn your smartphone into your business line with Vertel. Pick your telephone prefix, receive your number and start receiving calls directly to your mobile. It's that simple.
Dialled Number Display
Our Dialled Number Display (DND) feature allows your mobile (or landline) display your Vertel number when you receive a call on it; which subsequently helps you identify business and personal calls.


Anonymous Call Filter
Block out spam and withheld numbers from calling you. Our telephony system is designed to prevent unnecessary sales and nuisance calls.
Low Cost Calling
Receive and make calls from 3p/min (variable) to any mobile or landline. Use your inclusive minutes or top-up your account with Call Credit.
Intelligent Call Diversion
Use our Intelligent Call Diversion (ICD) feature to direct your calls to voicemail, another number or a call hunt group when you're unable to take the call — that's why we call it intelligent.


Call Recording
Record your calls for quality, training, and improvement purposes. Never forget a conversation and access your recording log from the dashboard.
Voicemail to Email
Unable to take a call? Receive your voicemails by email when you're busy during meetings, doing projects or simply not being able to answer.
Switchboard (Auto-Attendant)
Turn your Vertel Business Number into a call centre! Greet your callers with a custom main greeting that directs them to different departments (e.g. Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for customer support...).
For specific full documentation, speak to our team on 0207 175 1464
Telephone Business Study

Research shows that people don't trust businesses to deliver a professional service if they use mobile numbers. Using the right number increases your credibility and advertising impact. It actually helps your business grow.

Building Better Businesses

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